The Teacher

Adam took lessons for years growing up, and then continued his piano and theoretical training in college. After ten years of teaching piano to students, he continues to experience success by teaching the same methods that were used on him to learn the piano.

Adam has used his God-given talents for the piano in many settings. Most recently, he served as the Music Director at Vertical Church in Roseville, CA and before that, he was the Youth Music Director at Hope Center Church in Redding, CA. He has also played at many churches nationwide, like Donnie McClurkin’s Church (New York, NY), The Rock Church (Sacramento, CA), and was also the Music Minister for two years at Landmark Church (Coos Bay, OR). He has played for large corporate business functions as well as small youth group parties. He is now teaching in Elk Grove, CA.

Adam has a passion for the piano and for music, in general. He loves teaching children, teens, and adults alike. He has taught students from age 5 all the way to age 75 and everywhere in between. He teaches students with special needs, as well as students with extraordinary gifts.

Adam offers a Free Introductory Session to all students and parents who want to know more about his teaching style, the method, success stories, lesson time availability, the rates, and much more.