It is never too late to learn an instrument! Adam will work with you at a pace that you are comfortable with and the practice is up to you! The more you practice, the less scary it is to go to your next lesson! Adam has an easy-going personality but he will hold you accountable to live up to the potential he sees in you! If you have put off learning to play the piano because you are intimidated by something, whatever that may be, give Adam a chance to show you just how simple Simply Music has made your desire a goal that is reachable!

Beverly Hahn
Age 49


My daughter, now six, started with Adam and the Simply Music method at the very young age of four. Within months, she had a big repertoire of songs that she played and we were amazed by. Two years later, we have watched her grow and she is starting to improvise with her songs. Adam is amazing with children, and his patience and kindness toward them lend to an amazing outcome; a six year old with confidence and the ability to play music she loves.

China Morrison
Parent of Student


I’ve been Adam’s piano student since he began teaching in Elk Grove and I have enjoyed every minute of it. He has a lot of patience when I am leaning to play a song for the very first time. He gives really good tips on how to remember the hard parts, and he definitely doesn’t let me forget what I’ve learned in past practices. He is the coolest piano teacher ever!

Brittany Opdyke
Age 18



For once I enjoy “learning” to play a new song because I get to express myself how I want to play it. I make the song my own, and not someone else’s creation written on paper.

Nathan Maki
Age 18



If you’ve never played the piano before, Simply Music is the easiest, most exciting way to learn. I tried many times to learn piano by myself out of books and CDs, but Simply Music was the only method on which I made any progress. During my first lesson, I learned to play a beautiful song- not just scales like most other methods. I highly recommend Simply Music.

Cara Lee
Age 27


Adam brought the piano lessons to LIFE for my 8 year old. Rebecca flourished under Adam’s teaching and instructions… She says, “Adam made it fun and exciting!” Adam is an excellent piano teacher and is able to keep excitement and enthusiasm in his teaching methods for his students and their parents…

Barbara Walker
Parent of Student