Piano Lessons


The Method

Everybody is inherently musical. This idea might conflict with the way that many people view music and musicians. If musical talent is only for a select few, then why does everyone exhibit advanced musical abilities in everyday life? People walk to a rhythm, talk to rhythms, even brush their teeth to a rhythm.

My method taps into people’s innate musicality and channels it into the piano. This is drastically different from traditional “reading based approaches” that stress reading as a means of learning to play. In contrast, I teach a person how to play as a means of learning to read—just like we learn to speak a  language as a child.

Just like spoken languages, music is also a language. It has grammatical rules (theory), an expressive spoken language (playing), and also a written language (sheet music). Reading is a necessary skill because it is an important tool for any person to function in society. Everybody, however, learns to speak before they read. It would be irrational to try to teach a baby to read as a means of learning how to talk. Yet this is how most traditional teachers approach the musical learning experience.

My method translates entire pieces into simple shapes and patterns that students can easily understand and play on the keyboard. Learning in this way does not diminish the importance of learning to read music. While the reading process is delayed, students are catapulted quickly into a deep understanding of music after they understand how to speak the language. Students build a vast repertoire of great-sounding music. With this as their foundation, they develop an appropriate technique, learn how to read more easily, and as a by-product, naturally begin developing their ability to “play by ear.”

Watch some of my students play!

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